Utopia in Cape Town

Utopia in Cape Town

utopia – an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect

*I paid for my own meal

I have not written a restaurant review in ages because I am so gatvol of restaurants and have been very disappointed in the past year. I know they are struggling through COVID and I salute those who put up a good plate despite all the challenges. I did however find most menus to be overpriced, the food not good and the service sommer net plein sleg. But …

Yesterday, my darling friend, Leonard and I ventured out for lunch at Utopia… and what a wonderful day we had. Firstly, the views from this restaurant are just breathtaking – the panoramic views of the city and Table Mountain, views to the ocean and the Green Point rooftops, and the vista of Lions Head.

View of Lions Head


Service: Alain, a French Moroccan, served us and with his lively personality and accent it felt like we were on holiday in Europe. Thanks Alain.

Food: The food was top drawer! We opted for the tasting menu R195 with 5 dishes: a butternut veloute, ricotta and spinach mezzelune, spicy prawns, beef fillet, and a baked yoghurt dessert. All the dishes were delicious but the two that really blew me away were the prawns and beef. The prawns were perfectly cooked with a buttery caper sauce – served with freshly baked bread to scoop up all the glorious buttery goodness. YUM. The fillet was soft and scrumptious and perfectly paired with the mushrooms.

Ricotta and Spinach Mezzelune

Wine: Wine does not come cheap at this establishment so I would suggest you go for the tasting menu paired with wine at R350 / R390 (not 100% sure of the price). We had two ice-cold bottles of BALEIA Sav Blanc and we thought that was just sublime.

Spicy Prawns

Beef fillet

Baked yoghurt

Will I go again? Definitely. Summer… here we come!

Covid protocols: All Covid protocols were adhered to.

Parking: Parking is for free and safe in the parking lot of the building.

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