passion fruit cups = food porn with no age restrictions

passion fruit cups = food porn with no age restrictions

easy passion fruit cups

My husband, Rick, buys our weekly veggies on a Friday – yes, he does ladies … and there is always a surprise or two in the veggie basket for me … some exotic or peculiar addition to tickle my culinary brain. It’s kinda like a mystery box that I get to explore over the weekends. Last week, he walked in with a punnet of passion fruit. Passion fruit or granadilla as they are more commonly referred to in these parts is one of the most flavoursome of fruits and it takes something really simply to migrate it to an extraordinary level.

Curiosity got the better of me and did a little research on the World Wide Web… to my shock and horror it took me straight to a few porn sites! Clearly, these purveyors of porn were taking liberal interpretations of this innocently delicious fruit. I immediately closed my computer and ran to my fridge to cool down! As it would then happen, I had some Ricotta cheese in the fridge so I decided to mix the two – it set my taste buds racing. I loved it.

I dished it up in in the empty granadilla cups. Be tempted with these forbidden fruits, it is after all food porn – with no age restrictions.

passion fruit cups easy and quick


passion fruit cups = food porn with no age restrictions
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 250g Ricotta cheese
  • 20g Icing sugar
  • 125ml Fresh Granadilla pulp from about 3 to 4 large-sized granadillas
  1. Scoop out the granadilla pulp, mix all the ingredients together…and put back into the granadilla shells. Put in fridge – serve cold…with a sultry smile.


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  1. Hi Annelene, I will not do that. I think it will be too creamy and rich. Perhaps a light cream cheese?

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