summer soiree + hangovers + the deconstructed bloody mary

summer soiree + hangovers + the deconstructed bloody mary

A hangover is the wrath of grapes. ~Author Unknown

deconstructed bloody mary, tapas

They say that a Bloody Mary cocktail can cure hangovers – I think we all need to know this before the silly season gets underway…. But does it work? Is it fact or mere fiction?  I decided to try this one out myself – so just last week with a very hectic social schedule filling my outlook calendar I decided it was a good time to plan a good hangover and test this myth or truth.  So I attended a social function where the wine was literally on tap…  (I booked  a driver to ensure that I made it home safely), went home and decided to finish off my little experiment by rounding the evening off with a few more whiskeys – just a couple of night caps you know.  I felt fabulous that evening – did a few dances for the hubby and went to bed.  The next morning not so fabulous … what on earth was I thinking?  I am no scientist…on cue though Rick woke me up with a Bloody Mary in bed! Thankfully it was Saturday morning, but whichever way you look at it … facing a cocktail concoction that that time of the morning can scare even a full-time professional drinker!   For some crazy reason, I had to finish what I started, so with eyes wide shut, I tilted the head and knocked-back the Bloody Mary thingy.   I lay about curiously waiting for this healing elixir to do its curative work.  An hour later, no change, I still felt 10 000 hammers in my head.  This Bloody Mary was clearly nursing somewhere else – or had taken the day off.  It was – and is in my opinion a myth.    I do know that  scientific experiments are verified by a series of tests, so to be fair I decided to take this test to the next level.

If the Bloody Mary did not do its work in a cocktail glass perhaps the sum of its ingredients would be a better tonic if they were deconstructed. I took a cherry tomato injected it with a few drops of green tobasco, then I took a short shot glass of vodka and placed it adjacent to a bowl of salt.

deconstructed Bloody Mary , tapas

The regimen is then to dip the tabasco infused tomato into the vodka and then douse it in the salt and pop it in your mouth.  I added a bean for some protein and then a celery stick for the more traditional version.  It is just so fab.

Did this cure my hangover? I reckon that you will have to go through quite a few kilos of   tomatoes before this deconstructed Bloody Mary will make some sort of dent on a decent hangover.

So my deconstructed Bloody Mary may not be the cure for hangovers but try it – it will definitely be the showstopper at your next summer soiree or cocktail party!

Roll on summer!

the deconstructed bloody mary
  • Cherry tomatoes
  • Vodka
  • Maldon salt
  • Green tobasco
  • Butter beans or celery sticks cut into 2.5cm pieces (optional)
  • Injection needle
  • Tooth pics
  1. Inject a few drops of green tobasco into each tomato.
  2. String a tomato and a butter bean onto a toothpick. Repeat (depending on how many you want to ingest).
  3. Pour some vodka into a bowl and salt into a separate bowl.
  4. Now dip the tabasco infused tomato into the vodka and then douse it in the salt and pop it in your mouth.


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  1. Don’t know much about a bloody hangover or a bloody Mary, but I know a bloody good cook when I see one!!

  2. Anel now you are seriously talking summer and holidays !!!
    What a fabulous idea
    Lots of love

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