scooped melon salad with wild rocket + mint + honey mustard vinaigrette

scooped melon salad with wild rocket + mint + honey mustard vinaigrette

melon, rocket, mint and mustard vinaigrette

Melons are just amazing this time of the year and it’s such a versatile fruit that goes with salt, sweet and pepper. They are extremely beneficial to your health so simply make a point to stock up more often on this tasty treats.

Today, I just scooped out a sweet melon with an ice cream scoop and served it with a peppery rocket, a bit of mint and a mustard vinaigrette – these additions just enhance and bring out the already summer fresh flavour of the melon. It is light, easy and absolutely delicious!


Some Yellow and Orange Melon health benefits

1. Yellow and orange melons are packed with vitamins A, B-3, B-6 and C, potassium, dietary fiber and folate.
2. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A, which aids in healthy eyes, skin and mucous membranes.
3. These melons are Carotenoid-rich foods and may help reduce your risk of macular degeneration, cancer and heart disease.
4. Carotenoids help strengthen the immune system.

source: health24 + livestrong



scooped melon salad with wild rocket + mint + honey mustard vinaigrette
Prep time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • Ingredients
  • 350g Melon
  • Wild Rocket
  • 5 Mint leaves – chiffonade
  • Mustard vinaigrette
  • 1T Honey
  • ½ T White wine vinegar
  • 1t Wholegrain mustard
  1. Scoop the melon out with an ice cream scoop. Mix with rocket and mint.
  2. Mix all ingredients of dressing together and drizzle liberally over salad.



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  1. This really looks so divine.
    With all the heat we are experiencing in PE I’m going to give it a try this evening.
    Your blog is gorgeous and so proud that you are an ex PE girl too.
    I’ve voted and wishing you much luck.
    PS Found you via our local Herald today.

  2. This looks fantastic, i would never have thought of using mustard with Melon–i love melon so will definately try it

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