longing for braaibroodjies + sunny skies + chevrolet

longing for braaibroodjies + sunny skies + chevrolet

Watch me make braaibroodjies by clicking here


Will the real Braaibroodjies please stand up? Everyone in South Africa loves braaibroodjies. They are just one of those “must haves” at any braai. However, despite the boastings of the braaimaster ( usually male with lager in hand) … these normally end up being:

A: burnt
B: soggy
C: tomato + onion = not cooked
D: cheese = not melted
E: all of the above.

So how do we ensure that these traditional toasties are:
A: not burnt
B: crispy
C: cooked tomato + onion
D: with melted cheese
E: all of the above?

Well I have a few sneaky tricks up my sleeve – use them or lose them as they say but do so at your own peril … but I can assure you that if you follow these tips you will have the perfect braaibroodjies every single time … And put any gloating braaimaster in awe of you for life …


Braaibroodjie Tips

1. Butter one side very lightly (not both sides).
2. Cut the onion into thin big round slices – keep the circles whole and pack on the one buttered side of one slice.
3. Then add the thinly sliced tomato circles – sprinkle with salt and pepper. You will note that I place the tomatoes in the centre of the sandwich filling – this prevents the broodtjie from becoming soggy.
4. Grate strong cheddar and generously sprinkle over the tomato and cover with the other slice of bread. Make sure you cover all of the tomato slices with cheese.
5. Put a griddle rack on a baking tray and put the sandwiches on top of that – then while the rest of the braai is on the go place the sandwiches in the oven at 100°C to bake for +- 1 hour – it will crisp the bread up and it will cook everything slowly.
6. Then after everyone has braaied and the coals are low – pop them onto a braai grid and allow to toast until they are browned on both sides! Depending on how hot your fire or coals are you will need to watch these carefully as they can toast quickly enough.

Some people like to add all sorts of other condiments like chutney etc to their broodjies … for me some things need to be kept simple like it was in the old days of braaivleis, sunny skies and Chevrolets.



Sliced bread
Cheddar cheese
Salt and pepper

As above

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  1. I married an Englishman, but he is the envy of all our Boere mates, because he can (despite numerous Klippies and Cokes) braai braaibroodjies on the coals, from scratch, until they are done like the second E. There is virtually nothing better.

  2. This takes me back 25 years when we used to have these at the braai – they were awesome – think I will try them again.

  3. What a brilliant idea to put the broodjies in the oven as a first stage! I also discovered that the careful buttering of the slices right up to the edge will to some extent prevent the sogginess as the butter acts as some sort of barrier.

  4. Dankie Amanda – gits dat ek nou so n fout in die heading kon maak. Die res sien ek was ten minste reg. x

  5. Thanks for a great tip. And it makes total sense, I will definitely try it next time, as we lovvvvve toasted sarmies! Bye!

  6. So easy yet skill is needed to create perfection .
    Thank for a wonderful blog and the tips on how to make the perfect braaibroodjie.

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