sand + sunburn + salmon salad = happy family easter memories

sand + sunburn + salmon salad = happy family easter memories

salmon salad

I think for me Easter has always been different to the somewhat traditional religious Easter festivities, you know the Friday fasting, the curried fish, chocolate eggs and Easter Sunday feast….

You see, my father was the station master at Wepener in the Free State for many years and once a year the South African Railways would give its employees and their families a free rail ticket. So every year, my mom, dad, three brothers and me would take the train down to Durbs for our Easter school holidays. It was such an adventure for us because Durban was fun … there was sun + beaches + sand. It was singing on the stages trying our best to win prizes, fighting with my brothers, building sandcastles in the sand with dad, swimming in the ocean with mom and losing ourselves in the summers of our youth.

salmon salad

For the short few days we spent there we lived on ice cream and sandwiches during the day, but at night when we were all sunburnt and after a long soak in a soothing bath, my mom used to make us fresh fish and salad for supper. The fresh salmon salad I made today is a dedication to the happy memories of those Easters past and to my folks for affording us this once a year seaside adventure.

salmon salad


Apart from the salmon and the avocado, I got all the ingredients for the salad out of my garden. Instead of placing the salmon on top of the salad as it is usually served I decided it would be more fun to put the salad on top of the salmon – and I must say I think it looks amazing! It would be unfair for me to dictate the quantities of salad ingredients you should use as this is best left to your own discretion and mood.

Salmon Salad

I also like my salmon somewhat rare, so I prepared it that way. But the thing that really adds to the overall pop-up-flavour is the rather delicious lime and soya Asian dressing. So here’s to family, Easter, lasting memories and fresh food. Blessed Easter everyone!

sand + sunburn + salmon salad = happy family easter memories
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 2 x 200g Fresh salmon steaks
  • For salad
  • Avocado – sliced into small blocks
  • Baby tomatoes – halved and then in three
  • Cucumber ribbons – I take my potato peeler and run it over the cucumber
  • Spring onions – finely sliced
  • Radishes – sliced into thin slices
  • Fresh coriander
  • Chillies
  • Salad dressing
  • 50 ml Soya sauce
  • Juice of one to two small limes
  • 1t Sesame oil (optional)
  • 2t Grated ginger
  • 1t Fish sauce
  • 1T Fresh coriander – chopped
  • ½t Chillie flakes
  1. Fry your salmon for three minutes with the skin side down in a non-stick pan till skin crispy - say about 5 minutes - don’t turn it around and don’t season at this stage and let it stand to rest. The intention is to serve it luke warm not piping hot.
  2. Chop up all your salad ingredients and make your dressing by mixing everything together.
  3. Now just place this beautiful cut of fish on a plate. Place the salad on top and put the dressing on the side.
  4. I don’t add any salt at this stage and leave it to the guests to decide how much salt they need because the dressing is quite salty.


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  1. Ons het weer altyd Margate toe gegaan! Wonderlike herinerringe! Love die salmon!

  2. I live in Durban and your pictures remind me of what was. Everything has changed, maybe for the better.

  3. What a nice story. I come back to my childhood memories as well, especially when I eat something specific for that period of time. I like the way you served it and that almost each ingredient comes from your garden 🙂

  4. you alawys evoke an emotion from me when I read your blog!!!! Such an awesome way to bring the meaning of easter to us all………..and alawys through food. Thank you Anel!

  5. Thanks Anel thsi just what i need for Easter !!
    It looks fabulous the colours are awesome
    Happy Easter to you and Rick and i do hope to see you guys before Christmas
    lots of love xx

  6. An absolutely stunning recipe and I can’t wait to make it!! Durbs by the sea is also a very distant memory for me as we went there only once when I was 5 and that was the first time ever I saw the sea!! ( sad but true and that was early 1950’s)

  7. sue my garden is still so full of beautiful veggies and herbs – lucky x

  8. My salad supplies from my garden are getting scarce, just little tomatoes and spring onions left. Lovely memories, I think you are a similiar age to my son, we used to take him to the front in Durbs, he used to love it!

  9. You had me shedding more than a tear with you. Your memories created a nostalgia in, it transported me to Durban and my childhood.
    What a beautiful Salmon salad, it looks amazing and creates the desire to make it.

  10. Family memories are the best kept near to the heart. Thank you for opening your heart to us!!

  11. … Anel … ek onthou presies net sulke vakansies saam met my ouers …. wonderlike herinneringe …. die foto’s lyk SO bekend …!! Ek het tans so vis “craze” … gaan dit beslis maak …!! Dankie en liefde! x

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