herman lensing – a culinary wunderkind + win his new recipe book #voorskoot

herman lensing – a culinary wunderkind + win his new recipe book #voorskoot

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What a talented and remarkable culinary persona. He is young – only 26 and yet has achieved so much in his life to date. But I do not want to talk about his many foodie accolades because you can just Google them – it’s quicker that way. What I want to share today is a few words about Herman, the person I have come to know …

{the person}
Let’s begin with “He is drop dead gorgeous… and work from there”, so smart, clever, charming and a genuinely nice guy. When he walks into a room he lifts the place with his big smile, he has this classic suave about him and a wicked sense of humour. I find myself laughing almost to tears when I am around him. And in our less intimate world of twitter + facebook ….he is the one that will not just settle for a castaway twitter or a facebook birthday wish but he will pick the phone and call you. In this day and age, this speaks volumes. Herman always manages to break through the social clutter that is the wold we live in.

Herman launched his first recipe book #VOORSKOOT last weekend. Oh boy and what a production it was – Herman style – un-freaking-be-lieva-bly fabulous! But back to the recipe book – it is an outstanding book. Page through it yourself and between those pages, you will find a culinary wunderkind and a man that brings colour to all the seasons. On my kitchen shelf is a signed copy – and every time I glance at it, I see Herman saying that food is not such a complex language as long as it is prepared with love!

Herman, I am so grateful you walked into my life, congratulations! You are a burning culinary light …shine on you crazy diamond!

{lets chat}
I chatted to him, read for yourself and let the strings of this accomplished and #VOORSKOOT inspire you too … to read the interview click here.

I am giving away a copy of #VOORSKOOT – to enter click here.

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