whooohooo. it’s halloween

whooohooo. it’s halloween


{halloween + 1970 in the free state?}
Halloween is not familiar to me – it’s one of those foreign American holidays that we did not grow up with in the 70’s in the Free State. It is a bizarre kind of celebration where everything dark and sinister seems to be accentuated; you know those ghoulish outfits and strange pumpkins looking at you?

{the witches’ mini cakes}
However, these days my nieces and nephews are all fired-up for that ‘trick or treat’ escapade. In the complex where I live, we also received a circular about “All Hallows Day” or the “trick or treat” street party. I wanted to be part of this street party and decided to make these cake witches which I saw on foodnetwork. They came out rather fun … I actually adore them. 🙂


{halloween today}
And how do I feel about Halloween today? Well … I just love it … if I can make a child smile or laugh with excitement with a “trick or treat”, it will be my biggest treat of the day.

{no time – let’s cheat and buy all the ingredients}
I did not have time to bake these witches from scratch so I bought everything {shopping list below}. I also used rosemary out of my garden for the hair.


{halloween inspiration}
If you need any inspiration for Halloween, look no further than foodnetwork. They have loads of easy Halloween recipes to treat all those youngsters who will be ringing your doorbell on October 31.


Shopping list for halloween cakes
Chocolate cupcakes or chocolate muffens
Confectionary sprinklings of your choice
Golden syrup or honey (to use as sprinkle glue)
A packet instant chocolate mousse
Blue or green food colouring
Liquorice all sorts, the round ones

1. For the witches’ hats – cut the top off the chocolate cup cake. Use the cut-off bit to make the hats. Cut a circle in the cut-off piece – set the circle aside. Now with the smaller cut offs use your fingers to form the tip of the hat by squeezing them together. Put the tip on the circle, take some golden syrup and pour a little bit around the bottom of the tip. Sprinkle confectionary sprinkles around the bottom of the tip.
2. Green mousse faces – follow the chocolate mousse packet instruction and add 1 teaspoon of colouring.
3. Eyes – cut the round liquorice all sorts smaller for the eyes
4. To assemble – put all the elements together as per picture.

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