one minute #banoffee pies

one minute #banoffee pies


{my front teeth for anything caramel}
Everyone who knows me well, knows that I would swap my front teeth for any dish that has caramel in. Whether it is the old favourite; the peppermint fridge tart or those fudge blocks that you get in those long red and white boxes… you know the one, those fudge blocks with the corrugated top edges. Or what about those Wilson’s caramel flavoured toffees that I find in my bag every time I stop at the garage shop for a litre of milk?

Then there is my all time favourite, the tin of caramel condensed milk. This is just too much for me to resist. I have to confess, I can demolish one of those tins all on my own without a twinge of the slightest guilt.

{one minute banoffee pies}
My friend Peter came to visit the other day and he wanted something sweet. I decided to take my secret tin of caramel – yes, i always hide a tin of caramel behind a wall of tinned food in my pantry – and make some quick banoffee pies.

{rick and the tinned cream}
I had a packet of digestives, caramel and bananas in my kitchen. The only ingredient that I was short was cream so I sent Rick to go and buy some cream. He came home with a tinned cream. Well, it made it even easier. This took a minute to assemble and between the three of us we polished off the lot in double time. What an absolute treat!


One minute #banoffee pies

Digestive biscuits
1 Tin of caramel

Smear a thick layer of caramel onto the digestive biscuit. Add a generous dollop of cream. Top it off with a few thin slices of banana.




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  1. Now you are talking. Forget Tik or Boom. Caramel condensed milk is my ‘fix’ Even figured out how to use it in a cheese cake

    You will have to Englify

    500 g Marie- of tennisbeskuitjies gekrummel
    220 g botter gesmelt.

    2 houers roomkaas
    1 blik kondensmelk en 1 blik karamel kondensmelk
    4 eiers
    30 ml gerasperde suurlemoenskil (opsioneel)
    125 ml suurlemoen- of lemmetjiesap

    Voorverhit oond tot 200º C en smeer ‘n 22 cm veerklamp pan se boom en kant.

    Meng koekiekrummels en gesmelte botter deeglik. Druk ‘n derde van die mengsel op die boom van die pan en die res teen die kant vas.

    Klits roomkaas tot glad. Klits kondensmelk, suurlemoenskil en eiers by en laaste die suurlemoensap. Giet die mengsel in kors.
    Bak ongeveer 20 tot 25 minute.
    Laat heeltemal in pan afkoel voordat pan losgemaak word.

  2. How very rude of you to post something this delumptiously amazingly YUMMMMM, when I promised myself I would be good this week…
    I will have to save this till the detox is done

    Thanks 😉

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