rainbow blueberry #cheesecake

rainbow blueberry #cheesecake


I have always wanted to make this blueberry cheesecake from No-Bake baking, however I have always had a fear or should we rather say trepidation when it comes to working with gelatine and ended up never having the guts to make it. When my husband brought home some fresh berries for me the other day I decided to let go of my gelatine fear and surprise him with this most beautiful and delicious cheesecake.


Blueberry cheesecake
(Recipe adapted from No-bake baking by Sharon Hearne-Smith)

75g butter
200g digestive biscuits, finely crumbed
5 ml grounded cinnamon
30 ml castor sugar

600g cream cheese
175g caster sugar
200g crème fraîche
800 ml cream
20 ml lemon juice

Gelatine + Blue Berry puree
9 leaves of gelatine
375g blueberries

To serve
125 g fresh blueberries
A small handful fresh mint leaves

Prepare a 17.5 cm loose-bottomed cake tin (10cm deep) with wax paper. Mix all the crust ingredients together and press firmly into the base of the tin. Mix all ingredients for filling for five minutes in a cake mixer. Place in the refrigerator. Take three large mixing bowls and put three gelatine leaves in each bowl. Cover the gelatine leaves with water and soak for ten minutes. Pour the water off and squeeze the excess water out. Cook the blueberries with a tablespoon of water for five minutes. Blend in a liquidizer. Divide your warm blueberry puree as follows into the three bowls: Bowl 1-50g blueberry puree . Bowl 2 – 100g blueberry puree. Bowl 3 – 225g blueberry puree. Make sure the gelatine has dissolved in the puree. Take the filling from the refrigerator and divide equally into the three bowls. Mix well. Scoop the lightest color into your tin first, then the middle colour and finally the darkest color. Refrigerate for five hours or overnight to set. Serve with whipped cream, fresh blueberries and decorate with fresh mint leaves.

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  1. So beautiful I would almost not want to eat it… but, wow, it looks heavenly delicious…..ok…..then…just a little bit…

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