easy #asparagus salad with parmesan cheese

easy #asparagus salad with parmesan cheese

Asparagus salad with parmesan
Cooking the asparagus
Just the other day I bought my first bunch of spring asparagus and quickly put together an asparagus salad. I never boil or steam very thin asparagus. If they are fresh and thin, I simply pour boiling water over the bunch and allow it stand for five to ten minutes. If you have large asparagus boil of steam them until soft. I then immediately plunge these beauties into an ice bath – the result: beautiful, bright, fresh green asparagus – with a scrumptious bite.

Making the salad
Scatter the asparagus on a wooden board and sprinkle with the best olive oil, some fresh lemon juice, roasted seeds and nuts… and to top it off,add finely grate Parmesan cheese. Season with Maldon salt and a few pinches of black pepper. And there you have it… a mouth-watering, seasonal spring salad for the soul.

How to keep your asparagus fresh
Trim the ends if necessary. Fill a jar with a bit of water. Store the asparagus upright in the container. Change the water when it gets cloudy.

Asparagus - keep fresh

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