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early christmas with #woolworths

early christmas with #woolworths

christmas-box-800Christmas arrived early this year when Woolworths delivered a large box of beautifully packaged goodies to my doorstep. Lucky me! Inside this box was a whole host of festive goodies that will be on their shelves come Christmas time.
It’s all about nostalgia this year at Woolworths. I wanted to spread the love so I handed the gifts to loved ones around me:

Teas from around the world
This beautiful box of individually packed teas I gave to my mom. It has a mash strainer where you scoop your tea in and put the strainer in water to steep your favourite tea. I just have to say mom and I loved the java gunpowder flavour!

Lip tints
Don’t you just love these lip tints? They look like macaroons! I shared them with my friend Zola. They are easy to just stash in your bag and so damm cute to take out… and show the world.


Turkish Delight
My friend Karin was so lucky to get this. This is my favourite gift out of the whole box. Dont you just love the beautiful container?

Old tape recorder tin filled with milk chocolate coated toffees
My husband and I polished off the whole tin. The toffies were so delicious and we gobbled it up before we could press the stop button on the dummy cassette player!

Luxury Christmas crackers
My housekeeper Doreen was very happy to get her hands on these luxury Christmas crackers. Making the traditional addition to the festive Christmas table, they are fit for a feast.
Thank you Woollies!