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TABLE SEVEN – The new kid on the trendy block

TABLE SEVEN – The new kid on the trendy block

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have the most incredible lunch at Table Seven in a new trendy precinct in Salt River. The food was uncomplicated and each scrumptious bite took me a step closer to food heaven. There was nothing unnecessary on the plate – no foams, no micro herbs or distractions… just good quality ingredients cooked very well. Loved it!

Dish of the day: This is particularly difficult to decide on. All the courses were brilliant.

The Burrata with nectarine and Parma ham. Oh the thrill when you cut into that Burrata and the cream and curds stream  onto your plate. My taste buds loved the combination with the nectarine. Check out this video how Burrata is made!

The second stand-out dish was definitely the goat’s cheese ravioli. The surprise on the plate was the pickled waterblommetjie. It proved to be a marvellous combination and the perfect accompaniment.

Octopus – oh my word! Perfectly grilled and packed with flavour.

Presentation: Simple, elegant, beautiful.

Ambience: The industrial interactive space gives the restaurant an edgy, open feel – and it is refreshingly different from other restaurants these days where dining space is at a premium. Table Seven has only one table with seating for 20 guests in the heart of their kitchen.

Chefs: Luke and Katie Wonnacott

Drinks: We started with a  Hope Gin + Publik served beautiful bubbles and wine.

It’s food made with care, made with love…and just how it should be. Go and experience it for yourself.

Chef Luke Wonnacott in action

Lightly smoked oyster + watercress pesto

Burrata + nectarine + parma ham

Butternut + goat’s cheese + sundried tomato ravioli + pickled waterblommetjie

Octopus on the grill


Lamb shoulder + artichokes + carrots

Whole roasted cauliflower + nori + cashew nuts + capers

Publik kept our wine glasses full

Loved the Mediterranean Hope Gin

Table Seven