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let’s #braai some steak!

let’s #braai some steak!

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Steak! Out of all the gazillions of steak recipes, one of my favourites (and the simplest of things) is grilled steak on the fire with garlic butter. There is something unadulterated about this that is just perfect when you a craving for a good steak. Served with some salad on the side, you just can’t go wrong.

{steve maresh}
I chatted to Steve Maresh from the Local Grill in Johannesburg (winner of this years’ Steakhouse of the Year”), I asked him a few questions on how to make the perfect steak, here is what he had to say … “My perfect steak is cooked on oak staves on a gas Webber. The staves are soaked in water overnight and placed on the hot grill for a minute before turning over. Place the lightly seasoned steaks on the staves. Close the Weber lid for 12 minutes and then just before serving, brown/caramelize the steaks on the hot grill. Place back on the now smoldering staves and serve. …Cooking with Himalayan salt blocks come a close second…”

{my version}
So there you have it … but let’s face it not all of us have the time to rush out and buy wooden staves and salt blocks …taking nothing away from this must-try-once-in-a-lifetime-recipe…. Here is my home styled version to cooking the best steak:

steak with garlic butter

Tips for frying the best steak at home

Stoke the coals so there is a strong flame.
Add a little bit of oil in your griddle pan.
Now place the pan on top of the flame and leave it until your pan is smokin hot.
I season my steaks before I put it in the pan – just with salt and black pepper.
Then fry 3.5 min on one side and 3.5 minutes on the other side (this is for a cut of steak that is +-2cm thick).
Let it rest for 6-8 minutes.

For my garlic butter

2 Tbs butter
1 tsp grated garlic (if you want more add more)
1 small pinch of cayenne pepper (optional)

Mix together and put in fridge to harden.