Utopia in Cape Town

Utopia in Cape Town

utopia – an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect

*I paid for my own meal

I have not written a restaurant review in ages because I am so gatvol of restaurants and have been very disappointed in the past year. I know they are struggling through COVID and I salute those who put up a good plate despite all the challenges. I did however find most menus to be overpriced, the food not good and the service sommer net plein sleg. But …

Yesterday, my darling friend, Leonard and I ventured out for lunch at Utopia… and what a wonderful day we had. Firstly, the views from this restaurant are just breathtaking – the panoramic views of the city and Table Mountain, views to the ocean and the Green Point rooftops, and the vista of Lions Head.

View of Lions Head


Service: Alain, a French Moroccan, served us and with his lively personality and accent it felt like we were on holiday in Europe. Thanks Alain.

Food: The food was top drawer! We opted for the tasting menu R195 with 5 dishes: a butternut veloute, ricotta and spinach mezzelune, spicy prawns, beef fillet, and a baked yoghurt dessert. All the dishes were delicious but the two that really blew me away were the prawns and beef. The prawns were perfectly cooked with a buttery caper sauce – served with freshly baked bread to scoop up all the glorious buttery goodness. YUM. The fillet was soft and scrumptious and perfectly paired with the mushrooms.

Ricotta and Spinach Mezzelune

Wine: Wine does not come cheap at this establishment so I would suggest you go for the tasting menu paired with wine at R350 / R390 (not 100% sure of the price). We had two ice-cold bottles of BALEIA Sav Blanc and we thought that was just sublime.

Spicy Prawns

Beef fillet

Baked yoghurt

Will I go again? Definitely. Summer… here we come!

Covid protocols: All Covid protocols were adhered to.

Parking: Parking is for free and safe in the parking lot of the building.

Appel-vy-spekboomslaai met fetaroom

Appel-vy-spekboomslaai met fetaroom

Tru-Cape het die lieflikste Flash Gala-appels by my voordeur afgelewer met ‘n gepaste boodskap: Takeaways from nature. Is dit nie mooi nie? Ek kan nie met sulke lieflike appels kook nie en eet dit vars as ‘n versnapering en of gebruik dit in slaai.

My appel-vy-spekboomslaai met fetaroom is ‘n heerlike seisoenale slaai en die fetaroom het al my vriende uitgeboul. Meeste mense maak dit met room, maar melk werk net so goed. Neem twee ringe feta en so +- ¼ koppie melk (of room as jy dit ryker wil hê) en verwerk dit vir ‘n paar minute in jou voedselverwerker of handstok (+-4 minute) tot romerig en glad (met gee feta-stukkies). Gooi ‘n paar blaartjies pietersielie of basiliekruid vir ekstra geur by. As dit te loperig is plaas in die yskas vir so ‘n uur om te verdik.

Die fetaroom is heerlik saam met rou babagroente, met ‘n ciabatta en geroosterde tamaties en dit gee enige slaai daardie romerige soutsmaak wat jy soek. Spekboom is volop en eksperimenteer gerus met dié suur blaartjies in slaaie.

Appel-vy-spekboomslaai met fetaroom
  • 2 appels, in dun ringe gesny (plaas in suurlemoenwater tot jy dit gebruik)
  • 8 vye, in kwarte gesny
  • spekboomblaartjies
  • ‘n paar blaartjies basiliekruid en kruisement, nie baie nie
  • handvol neute (opsioneel)
  • Fetaroom:
  • 2 ringe feta, in stukke gebreek
  • ¼ koppie melk of room
  • gooi ’n paar blaartjies pietersielie en basiliekruid by as jy die fetaroom wil geur
  1. Fetaroom
  2. Plaas die feta in die voedselverwerker en pols fyner. Gooi die melk of room by en verwerk vir ten minste 4-5 minute. Skraap die kante elke minuut skoon. Verwerk tot romerig en geen klontjies. As jy dit ‘n bietjie dikker wil hê plaas in yskas om te verdik.
  3. Slaai: Pak die appels en vye om ‘n slaaibord, sprinkel met kruie en spekboomblaartjies en bedien met fetaroom.


Hello Cheese Tea!

Hello Cheese Tea!

Cheese Tea – Photo Anel Potgieter

Remember bubble tea and all the frenzy around it? Well, the next big thing is Cheese tea. Yes, you heard right… cheese tea. It is so big in China that people are queuing for hours to get a sip of their favourite cuppa.

Don’t think Cheddar
Don’t think of cheddar or gorgonzola cheese – rather think cheesecake. Makes a difference doesn’t it? So imagine a salty cream cheese topping sitting on that slightly bitter cup of tea. Does this pique your interest?

What is cheese tea?
Cheese tea is green or black tea sipped through a cap of cream cheese blended with cream and condensed milk. You add a bit of salt to balance the sweet flavour.

The verdict
I am in love. The concept of cheese tea really plays with your mind. It is delicious – the sweet, salty flavour combined with the slightly bitter tea is tantalizing.

Make your own…
I made it twice now and every time my husband never had a chance to taste it. I had it all! I LOVE IT. It is delicious.

When would you serve cheese tea?
I will serve it as a treat or as a sweet indulgence while sitting in a garden with a friend and chatting about how fabulous life is – or simply as a dessert.

Is cheese tea is here to stay
I think the whole world is going to go rather gaga about this little treat.

Cheese Tea
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Drink
Cuisine: Asian
Serves: 6
  • tea of choice – they normally use green tea but I used normal black tea
  • ¼ cup condensed milk
  • ½ cup cream cheese
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoons castor sugar
  • 1 cup whipping cream
  • Matcha powder (optional)
  1. Brew your tea of choice. You can chill it if you want to but I like it lukewarm.
  2. Beat the condensed milk, cream cheese, salt and sugar together until smooth.
  3. Add the cream and beat until soft peaks.
  4. Pour the tea into the cup. Gently scoop sufficient amount of cheese on top of the tea.
  5. Lastly, dust some matcha powder over the cheese.


four easy recipes

four easy recipes

I did a demonstration at the Say Cheese Fest yesterday. Herewith the recipes:

1. Click on this link: Chilli poppers

jalapeno poppers

chilli popper cigars = hot + easy … the way I like things

2. Click on this link: Potato salad 


Lemon parmesan chicken piccata

2 skinless and boneless chicken breasts, flattened with meat hammer
3 T butter
1 T olive oil
juice of one lemon
1/4cup chicken stock
¼ cup capers
handful of parsley, chopped
1 garlic clove, sliced
Parmesan , shavings
cooked pasta

Season chicken with salt and pepper. In a large skillet over medium to high heat, melt 2 tablespoons of butter with 1 tablespoons olive oil. When butter and oil start to sizzle, add the chicken and cook for 2 minutes. When chicken is browned, flip and cook other side for 2 minutes. Add all the other ingredients accept the parmesan and spaghetti. Cooke for 2 minutes. Add pasta to plate and put chicken on top of the pasta. Pour the sauce over. Serve with parmesan shavings and extra chopped parsley

Banana bread in a mug with mascarpone and honey
1 coffee mug, sprayed with ‘spray and cook’
1 ripe banana, mashed
1 egg
1 Tablespoon buttermilk
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 Tablespoon oil
3 Tablespoons flour
3 Tablespoons brown sugar
⅛ teaspoon baking powder
1/8 teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon (optional)
2 T mascarpone
1 T honey
fresh thyme leaves

In a bowl, In a large, microwave-safe coffee mug, mash your ripe banana. Add the egg, buttermilk, vanilla extract, oil, flour, brown sugar, baking powder, salt, and cinnamon (if using). Mix to combine. Pour into mug.
“Bake” it in the microwave for 2 to 3 minutes.  The banana bread will be very hot, so allow it to cool for a few minutes before eating it. Mix the mascarpone, honey and thyme together. Top cake with mascarpone and pecans.


TABLE SEVEN – The new kid on the trendy block

TABLE SEVEN – The new kid on the trendy block

Yesterday, I was fortunate enough to have the most incredible lunch at Table Seven in a new trendy precinct in Salt River. The food was uncomplicated and each scrumptious bite took me a step closer to food heaven. There was nothing unnecessary on the plate – no foams, no micro herbs or distractions… just good quality ingredients cooked very well. Loved it!

Dish of the day: This is particularly difficult to decide on. All the courses were brilliant.

The Burrata with nectarine and Parma ham. Oh the thrill when you cut into that Burrata and the cream and curds stream  onto your plate. My taste buds loved the combination with the nectarine. Check out this video how Burrata is made!

The second stand-out dish was definitely the goat’s cheese ravioli. The surprise on the plate was the pickled waterblommetjie. It proved to be a marvellous combination and the perfect accompaniment.

Octopus – oh my word! Perfectly grilled and packed with flavour.

Presentation: Simple, elegant, beautiful.

Ambience: The industrial interactive space gives the restaurant an edgy, open feel – and it is refreshingly different from other restaurants these days where dining space is at a premium. Table Seven has only one table with seating for 20 guests in the heart of their kitchen.

Chefs: Luke and Katie Wonnacott

Drinks: We started with a  Hope Gin + Publik served beautiful bubbles and wine.

It’s food made with care, made with love…and just how it should be. Go and experience it for yourself.

Chef Luke Wonnacott in action

Lightly smoked oyster + watercress pesto

Burrata + nectarine + parma ham

Butternut + goat’s cheese + sundried tomato ravioli + pickled waterblommetjie

Octopus on the grill


Lamb shoulder + artichokes + carrots

Whole roasted cauliflower + nori + cashew nuts + capers

Publik kept our wine glasses full

Loved the Mediterranean Hope Gin

Table Seven

Easy Lunch Bar-fudge-blocks

Easy Lunch Bar-fudge-blocks

Perfect with a cup of coffee for those puzzle building winter days!

Lunch Bar Fudge Blocks Anel Potgieter

Did you know that the “Much more munch” Lunch Bar was the top-selling chocolate in South Africa in 2017? I must say I find this chocolate treat a little hard but the “eye-popping” packaging and its size must certainly drive up sales. However, I am still in two minds – I normally go for a Crunchie or TV-Bar (the white chocolate one), but when I am hungry and standing in the chocolate isle I must confess I do go for the biggest bar (yes! 🙂 ) and that’s normally the Lunch Bar or one of those huge Bar Ones.

With a few Lunch Bars in hand I decided to make an easy five ingredient lunch bar treat. Not wanting to linger too long in making this, I decided to go the quick microwave route.

Easy way to break the Lunch Bars for the recipe: I wrapped the bars in plastic and gave them a good few whacks with my rolling pin.

Easy Lunch Bar-fudge-blocks
  • 250 g butter
  • 500 g icing sugar
  • 40 g cocoa
  • 2 eggs
  • 5 ml vanilla essence
  • 300 g Lunch Bars of your choice (I used the white chocolate ones)
  1. Line a 20 cm x 20 cm pan or baking tray with baking paper.
  2. Place the butter in a mixing bowl and microwave at 100% power for about 1 ½ minute or until melted.
  3. Sift the icing sugar and cocoa together and mix this in with the melted butter.
  4. Beat the eggs and mix this and the vanilla into the mixture.
  5. Microwave for 1 minute. Stir well and microwave for a further minute.
  6. Remove and place in refrigerator for 10 minutes to cool. This is important otherwise your chocolate is just going to melt!
  7. Put the Lunch Bars in a plastic bag and whack these into crumbled pieces (not too small) with a roller pin. Test whether your chocolate mixture has already cooled down. It should not be too hot.
  8. Stir the broken lunch bars into the chocolate mixture.
  9. Scoop the mixture into the baking tray and then place in refrigerator to cool completely before cutting into blocks.





easy prawn and mussel #curry

easy prawn and mussel #curry

This took me just over 15 minutes to make. Easy and delicious.

Prawn and mussel curry edited 800

Prawn and mussel curry
1 tin of diced peeled tomatoes
1 large garlic clove, grated
5 ml fresh ginger, grated
15 ml olive oil
10 ml of strong curry powder (all depends how strong you like it)
8 prawn heads
2.5 ml salt
8-10 medium prawns
15 mussels in shells

Cook the tomatoes, garlic, ginger, olive oil, salt, curry powder and prawn heads over medium heat for +-8 minutes. Stir constantly. It must have a thickish consistency. Add the prawns and mussels, cover your pot with a lid and allow to simmer for a further 8 minutes. Taste and adjust seasoning. If you want you can add a dash of cream but I love it just the way it is.

asparagus #carbonara

asparagus #carbonara

This is an easy and delicious mid-week meal. I omitted the bacon and made a vegetarian carbonara. Enjoy.

Asparagus carbonara
Serves 4
500 g spaghetti
3 eggs, beaten
70 g parmesan, finely grated
100 ml cream
a large bunch of asparagus, cut in half and blanched
peas fresh or frozen, blanched
pinch of salt
freshly ground black pepper
half a lemon

Cook the pasta in salted water following the packet instructions. Drain pasta and return to pot – place the stove on very low heat. Mix the eggs, parmesan and cream together and add to pasta, tossing quickly over a low heat. Add the asparagus, peas and a good squeeze of lemon juice. Taste and season with salt and black pepper.

mikrogolf-dadelballetjies met okkerneute

mikrogolf-dadelballetjies met okkerneute

Almal wat my ken weet ek verkies wyn, whiskey of kaas bo soetgoed … maar dié mikrogolf-dadelballetjies is my dood. Ma het dit altyd gemaak – ek het vandag bietjie okkerneute bygevoeg. PS: Ook lekker met konjak. 🙂

Date Balls

Mikrogolf-dadelballetjies met okkerneute
(Lewer so 60 balletjies)
500 g dadels, gekap
220 g gesoute botter
200 g Muscovado suiker (sagte donkerbruin suiker)
1 ml sout
60 ml water
100 g okkerneute, opgekap
50 g rosyntjies (opsioneel)
125 g (4 koppies) Rice Krispies
90 g klapper

In ʼn groot diep bak mikrogolf dadels, botter, suiker, sout en water oop teen 100% krag vir nege minute. Roer elke drie minute. Die mengsel sal baie botterig lyk so klop dan goed totdat die olierigheid weg is. Meng die neute, rosyntjies en Rice Krispies by en laat afkoel. Wanneer dit hanteerbaar is maak balletjies en rol in klapper. Laat heeltemal styf word.

SA’s top 30 restaurants announced

SA’s top 30 restaurants announced

The nominees for the highly anticipated annual Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards have just been announced. To shine the spotlight on even more restaurants this year, the list of contenders for these coveted awards has been increased from 20 to 30 nominees.


The nominees, in alphabetical order, are:
Camphors at Vergelegen
Chefs Warehouse & Canteen
Chefs Warehouse at Beau Constantia
DW-Eleven 13
Fermier Restaurant
Greenhouse at The Cellars-Hohenort
Hartford House
Jardine Restaurant
Jordan Restaurant
La Colombe
La Mouette
La Tête
Luke Dale-Roberts X The Saxon
Makaron Restaurant
Mulberry & Prince
The Pot Luck Club
The Restaurant at Waterkloof
Restaurant Mosaic at the Orient
The Shortmarket Club
Springfontein Eats
The Test Kitchen

The Top 10 restaurants will be revealed on Sunday 19 November 2017 at the awards ceremony at GrandWest in Cape Town, after a countdown from positions 20 to 11.

koedoebiltong + bessies + laventel

koedoebiltong + bessies + laventel

Koedoebiltong- en bessieslaai met laventel en balsamiese reduksie

Probeer hierdie heerlike en maklike slaai. Bessies is nou in seisoen en wildsvleis en bessies is uitstekende pasmaats. Ek het bietjie feta bygevoeg vir daardie ekstra soutigheid … saam met balsamiese reduksie en ‘n paar klein laventelblommetjies is dit een van my 2017 koshoogtepunte. Moet nie dink dit is te volksvreemd nie – probeer asseblief. As jy ‘n happie van als saam vat swem die outjies vlinderslag oor jou tong en kry dit ‘n baie tevrede lêplekkie in jou maagholte.

Koedoebiltong- en bessieslaai met laventel en balsamiese reduksie

(ek gee hier nie die hoeveelhede nie, gebruik soveel soos jy lus het)
gemengde slaaiblare
klam koedoebiltong (vra vir jou slagter vir ‘n klam stukkie, nie die harde stukkies wat jy gewoonlik in die winkels kry nie)
goeie balsamiese reduksie (koop dit by enige goeie winkel)
laventelblommetjies (moet nie te veel gebruik nie)

Pak al die slaaibestanddele uit op ‘n pragtige bord. Ek pak eers die blare uit dan begin ek die res versigtig bo-op pak in dieselfde hoeveelhede. Sprinkel balsamiese reduksie oor en rond af met ‘n paar baie klein laventelblommetjies.

Say Cheese! Fair to take place this weekend

Say Cheese! Fair to take place this weekend

Artisan cheesemakers from across South Africa will attend this year’s Say Cheese! Artisan Cheese Fair on 30 September and 1 October at the Italian Club, Milnerton. The brainchild of well-known foodie Miki Ciman, this premier cheese event will bring together cheesemakers and cheese lovers, bakers and brewers, and all things spicy and nice.

Photo credit: Klein River Cheese

Photo credit: Klein River Cheese

I am going to miss Miki this year (she passed away a few months ago), her daughter Kiki Ciman-Frauenknecht says: “Last year’s event was hugely successful with excellent feedback from both exhibitors and visitors. This year’s fair promises to again be a cheese-lover’s paradise, showcasing the extraordinary local talent we have in South Africa. Many of them are small producers who rarely travel outside their areas to market their cheese and some produce the country’s rarest cheeses.”

Tickets will be available at the door at a cost of R90 for adults, R55 for pensioners and scholars aged 12 to 18 and kids under twelve enter free. For further information, please email Kiki at saycheesefair@gmail.com or phone Elize Nel on 072 795 4214.

Miki we are going to miss you so much

Miki we are going to miss you so much

#Curry – deur Ishay Govender

#Curry – deur Ishay Govender

Kay se lam-en-koolkerrie. Foto uit Curry

Kay se lam-en-koolkerrie. Foto uit Curry

As iemand vir my vra wat ek die meeste geniet om te maak, is dit regte Indiese kerrie. Om uie stadig te braai, dan mosterdsaadjies by te voeg, te wag dat hulle “pop” en dan te begin speel met al die speserye, vars knoffel en vars gemmer, is vir my hemels.

Ishay Govender se boek, Curry, is een van die mees welkome geskenke wat ek nog gekry het. Die pragstuk verken nie net die verskillende style van kerrie, het wonderlike resepte en stories van mense in nie, maar sy kom ook tot die aanname dat kerrie streeksgebonde is. Soos byvoorbeeld ek en die Vrystaat. Die rede dat ek nooit Indiese speserye geken het nie, sit ek reg op die verdomde Nasionale Party se skouers, wat vanaf 1890 Indiërs nie in die Oranje Vrystaat toegelaat het nie. Skud steeds my kop.

Ishay Govender

Ishay Govender

Ishay vertel: “In Suid-Afrika het migrasiepatrone in ‘n groot mate die profiel van kerrie beïnvloed. Waar die Suid-Indiërs, Gujarat, Noord-Indiërs en Kaapse Maleiers gegaan het, het ‘n onbetwisbare stempel op Suid-Afrika se kulinêre landskap gelos.” In 1911 het Indiërs hulself hoofsaaklik in die voormalige Natal, Transvaal en Kaapkolonie gevestig om in sommige gevalle as kelners, ambagsmanne, treinpersoneel en boekhouers te werk. In hierdie streke is daar ‘n sterk teenwoordigheid van die Indiese styl kerries – hoofsaaklik “Durban-curry” wat deur Suid-Indië beïnvloed is of die ligter kerries van die Gujaratis en Noord-Indië.

Curry word uitgegee deur Human & Rousseau en kos R395

Curry word uitgegee deur Human & Rousseau en kos R395

In die Wes-Kaap voer die Kaapse Maleise kerries die botoon en die digter en kosskrywer C. Louis Leipoldt het hulle openlik vir die Kaapse cuisine gekrediteer. Namate mense oor Suid-Afrika gereis het, is die Indiese en Kaapse Maleise style van kook oorgedra om verskillende sektore van die bevolking in te sluit.

Of jy dus hou van Cartwrigths-kerrie, Rajah-kerrie, Kaap Maleise kerrie of “Durban-curry” wil ek net sê Curry is ‘n uitmuntende boek wat langs elke kerrie-liefhebber se stoof moet staan. En wanneer dit eers gemaak is saam met jou vriende, “kerrie” mens op jou lekkerste.

Garam masala
(Resep uit Curry)
Garam (warm) masala is ‘n ‘warm’ speserymengsel. Dit is warm in terme van die mengsel se pikantheid (pungent) en verwys nie na sy rissie-hitte nie. Dit word wyd in Indië gebruik, maar verskil in samestelling van streek na streek en van noord na suid. Dit word dikwels by kerries in die laaste deel van die kookproses gegooi of tydens marinering.
Maak ongeveer 150 g
1 heel neutmuskaat
6 klein stokkies kaneel
50 g komynsaad
50 g koljandersaad
6-8 klein lourierblare
10 ml (2 t) vinkelsaad
30 ml (2 T) swart peperkorrels
5 ml (1 t) heel naeltjies
10 ml (2 t) groen kardemom
2-3 heel swart kardemom
4-6 steranys
6-8 droë roosblare (plaas die roosblare op ‘n stuk papierhanddoek en mikrogolf vir 30 sekondes op hoog of tot droog)

Gebruik ‘n stamper en vysel om die neutmuskaat in stukke te breek. Sit eenkant. Doen dieselfde met die kaneel. Verhit ‘n groot pan oor lae hitte – moet geen olie in die pan gooi nie. Voeg al die speserye by, behalwe die roosblare. Roer vir so twee minute. Dan op medium hitte braai vir 8-10 minute totdat dit droog gebraai het. Roer en skud die pan gereeld. Die speserye sal ‘n wonderlike aardse aroma ontwikkel. Sit eenkant om af te koel. Blits die speserye in ‘n koffiemeule ‘n paar eetlepels op ‘n slag totdat jy ‘n fyn poeier kry. Voeg die droë roosblare aan die einde by. Dit sal vir twee weke in ‘n lugdigte houer hou.

Kay se lam-en-koolkerrie
(Resep uit Curry)
Bedien 4
15 ml (1 T) kanola-olie
1 groot ui, fyn gesny
15 ml (1 T) komyn, fyn
15 ml (1 T) koljander, fyn
15 ml (1 T) borrie
15 ml (1 T) warm masala
1 kaneelstokkie
1 steranys
1 kg lam (borsvleis met bene, in stukke gesny)
sout na smaak
15 ml (1 T) gemmer, gerasper
15 ml (1 T) knoffel, gerasper
1 groot tamatie, opgekap
500 g kopkool, fyn gesny
250 ml (1 k) water, plus ekstra indien nodig
6 kerrieblare
Om te bedien
vars koljander

Gooi olie in ‘n kastrol en op medium hitte braai die ui tot ligbruin. Voeg die fyn en heel speserye by en roer goed. Meng die vleis by die speserye en roer goed. Sprinkel sout oor die vleis en roer goed. Voeg die gemmer en knoffel by en prut vir 10 minute terwyl jy aanhoudend roer. Roer die tamatie by en prut vir ‘n verdere 10 minute. Verlaag die hitte. Voeg die kool en water by en kook, gedeeltelik bedek, vir ongeveer 40 minute of tot die vleis sag is. Gooi meer water, ‘n bietjie op ‘n slag by, indien nodig. Proe nou of dit nog sout kort en gooi by indien nodig. Roer die kerrieblare by, rond af met vars koljander.

Johanne 14 #resepteboek ‘n juweel | #wen ‘n kopie

Johanne 14 #resepteboek ‘n juweel | #wen ‘n kopie

Johanne 14 - Cover

Soos jy dalk vir jou gunsteling sanger wag om ‘n nuwe CD uit te reik, so wag ek vir skrywers en hulle kookboeke. Johanne 14 geskryf deur Hope Malau is een van daardie resepteboeke waarvoor ek nou al jare my tande slyp. Dit is een van daardie Suid-Afrikaanse skatte wat almal sonder twyfel op hul rakke moet hê. Dit gee jou ‘n eerlike en unieke insig oor die harde lewe in die townships, die onopgesmukte heerlike kos en kleurvolle kultuur.

Die vermoë om iets lekker op te tower met baie min is gevestig in die koskultuur van Suid-Afrika se townships. En dit is presies waaroor hierdie kookboek gaan. Dit gaan oor kool, hoender, “runaways”, pilchards, vetkoek, skaapkoppe, poetoepap, lewer, beeshart, baie liefde, geloof en sterk familiebande.

Fotograaf: Craig Fraser | Stilis: Caro Alberts Uitgewer: Quivertree

Fotograaf: Craig Fraser | Stilis: Caro Alberts Uitgewer: Quivertree

“Laat julle harte nie ontsteld word nie…” Johannes 14:1 is ‘n baie gewilde bybelversie onder die Zion Christelike Kerk met miljoene lede. Malau se kookboek handel oor eenvoudige kos wat met liefde gemaak is – en dié se krag om elke ontstelde hart te kalmeer en beter te laat voel. Maar Johanne 14 beteken ook iets anders … in die townships is dit ‘n ander naam vir kool.

Naas mieliemeel is kool die stapelvoedsel in die townships. ‘n Koolkop is bekostigbaar, kan op verskeie maniere gaar gemaak word en dit verskaf elke keer ‘n heilsame en gesonde maaltyd. Daarom het dit liefdevol as Johanne 14 bekend geword: as jy kool het, moet jy nie jou hart ontstel nie, want daar sal altyd iets op die tafel wees om te eet. Koolslaai staan ook in sommige gemeenskappe bekend as John 14 Salad … omdat dit, soos Johannes 14:1, by belangrike geleenthede bedien word.

Gebraaide hoender en koolslaai
Wanneer dit by padkos kom, is gebraaide hoender altyd die nommer een keuse. Dit hou langer as dit gebraai is en kan ook maklik met ander pendelaars gedeel word. “Op Sondae word gebraaide hoender met koolslaai bedien. Ma het altyd ‘n pak 2 kg hoenderstukke met haar geheime speserye gemaak en die eindprodukte was altyd hemels,” vertel Hope.

Fotograaf: Craig Fraser Stilis: Caro Alberts

Fotograaf: Craig Fraser Stilis: Caro Alberts

Maotwana (wat “pote” in Setswana beteken) is ook bekend in die townships as “walkie- talkies”, en word meestal aan skoolkinders as ‘n goedkoop middagete verkoop. Die binnekant van die pote is die sappigste en die lekkerste en tradisioneel word dit in ‘n pot gekook totdat die pote klewerig en taai is. Maar die nuwe neiging is om dit vir ‘n ekstra geldjie op die straathoeke te braai.

Johanne 14 is ‘n absolute juweel met wonderlike resepte, hartroerende stories, pragtige foto’s en briljante stilering … iets waarop jy gerus jou hardverdiende geld op kan spandeer.

Een leser kan ‘n kopie wen. Epos die antwoord vir die vraag hieronder na anelpot@telkomsa.net met JOHANNE 14 in die “subject line”:
Wie is die fotograaf en stilis van Johanne 14?
Sluitingsdatum: 28 Julie 2017

Johanne 14 word uitgegee deur Quivertree en kos R275.

Gebraaide hoender
(Bedien 6-8)

4 eiers
60 ml water
250 ml warm brandrissiesous, soos Sriracha
260 g koekmeel
15 ml bakpoeier
sout en swartpeper
olie vir braai
1 kg hoenderstukke

Klits eiers met die water in ‘n mengbak. Voeg rissiesous by en klits saam. In ‘n ander mengbak meng meel, bakpoeier, sout en peper saam. Verhit olie in ‘n groot diep pot. Doop ‘n paar hoenderstukke in die eiermengsel en bedek deeglik. Een stuk op ‘n slag rol hoender in die meelmengsel en plaas dit in warm olie. Braai hoender tot bruin en bros. Dreineer op papierhanddoek.

(Bedien 4)

½ kool, fyn gekerf
2 wortels, gerasper
200 ml mayonnaise
30 ml witwynasyn
10 ml bruinsuiker
knypie mosterdpoeier

Skep kool en wortel in ‘n slaaibak. Klits die mayonnaise, asyn, suiker en mosterdpoeier saam in ʼn ander mengbak. Voeg die slaaisous by die koolmengsel en meng goed. Plaas in die yskas vir ten minste 1 uur voordat jy dit bedien.

(Bedien 4-6)

15 ml olie vir braai
1 klein ui, gekap
2 knoffelhuisies, gemaal
2 rooi rissies, gemaal
250 ml tamatiesous
100 g bruinsuiker
200 ml coca-cola
60 ml worcestershire-sous
sout en peper
5 ml brandrissievlokkies
1 kg hoenderpote, skoongemaak

Verhit olie in ‘n pan en braai uie, knoffel en brandrissie oor medium-hoë hitte tot sag. Roer tamatiesous, suiker, Coca-Cola, Worcestershire-sous, sout, peper en brandrissie by. Verminder die hitte tot laag en laat prut, roer af en toe, vir 15 minute. Verhit ‘n riffelroosterpan (of doen dit op die braai). Bedruip die hoenderpote met die sous en braai vir 8 minute terwyl jy aanhou draai en met sousie te smeer.



My dear friends Mari-Louis Guy and Callie Maritz from Cakebread recently took a series of pics of different woman to celebrate the women behind Cape Town`s food scene – capturing what inspired each of these women on a daily basis. I was fortunate to be amongst an amazing bunch of ladies. Marie-Louis and Callie specially created cakes to suit each person’s personality.

Photograph: Cakebread Photographer: Henk Hattingh

Photograph: Cakebread Photographer: Henk Hattingh

I got this colourful, bright pink and yellow creation – very Frida Kahlo’esque – and very much me. I loved it. A floral artist handcrafted our head pieces. How extraordinary and how beautiful! Thank you! Mari-Louis, Callie and Henk for the treasured gift of spending the day with you, the lovely pics … and of course the obligatory tequilas.

They asked me 5 interesting questions. If you want to know a little bit more about me… read on Cakebread.